Our Team

Losel Tethong
Co-Founder & Owner

Losel is the founder, coffee lover and strategy guy. He believes quality, commercial success and sustainability are not only compatible but mutually reinforcing.

What do you like about coffee?
There’s something deeply compelling and humanistic about seeing green beans arrive in a burlap sack from Ethiopia or Brazil, and then watching the magic happen using a mix of both traditional and modern gear & skills. It’s an affirmation of the value of craftsmanship, traditional knowledge, and centuries-old trade relationships. And it's just so good.

Jonathan Cox
Head Roaster

What do you like about coffee?
A great cup of coffee has all the intensity, complexity, and history of a single malt scotch, but nobody looks at you funny if you drink 6 of them on a weekday.

Lindsay Parker
Director of Coffee

What do you like about coffee?
The complex flavour profile that the farmer, roaster and barista all have a hand in creating.

Jacob Itzkow Pollard
Production Manager

What do you like about coffee?
To me, coffee is a fantastic way to connect with interesting people and areas wherever you go in the world.

Aaron Zack
Sales and Operations Executive

What do you like about coffee?
I appreciate that coffee has so much depth, yet is accessible in some form or another to so many people - it's both infinitely complex, and plainly enjoyable for everyone.

Bear Ranasinghe
Training & Account Management

What do you like about coffee?
Everybody in the industry has diverse expertise, interests, passions, and motivations - coffee is the unifying element.

Sarah Han
Director, Events

What do you like about coffee?
What's not to like?


Dana Lin
Production Associate

What do you like about coffee?
It is one special language that can connect people around the world.

Megan Uytenbogaart
Admin. Manager

What do you like about coffee?
The boundless variety and possibilities.


Erin Cousins
Human Resources & Admin.

What do you like about coffee?
It makes me feel cozy.


Loring Kestrel 35 Kg

We like to think of this machine as a talented and generous artisan clad in stainless steel. Her skills and gifts are plenty; her personality is being revealed over time. She is a dependable workhorse who can take little green beans that have traveled the globe in burlap and transform them into something magical. Not bad for a machine that only uses 15% of the energy others do!