Pallo Brush


The Pallo Coffee Tool features:

REPLACEABLE BRISTLE INSERTS: Long lasting heat-resistant replaceable bristle inserts save money and resources. Why throw away the whole handle just because the bristles have worn out?

THUMB REST: Convenient thumb rest keeps your hand in a comfortable position and away from the hot water.

STEAM WAND VENT HOLE UNCLOGGER: Onboard steam wand vent hole "unclogger" keeps vent holes clear of mineral deposits and milk residue buildup, ensuring proper aeration of milk. No more paperclips!

WATER DEFLECTOR FINS: Our unique patented water deflector fins keep scalding hot water from reaching your hand.

DETERGENT SCOOP: Onboard detergent spoon doses the appropriate amount of backflush detergent.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Our unique angled handle keeps your hand in a comfortable natural position.

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