We’re thrilled to launch our training manuals to provide you & your teams with a comprehensive overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver an outstanding coffee program. The material covers & supports topics we address in our in-person training sessions and is meant to provide your teams with a handy reference guide.
The two manuals - Foundations & Advanced - provide quick-reference guides to dialling-in, brewing, steaming, our recommended ratios & recipes, cleaning, and maintenance schedules, and other topics that will help you and your teams create and serve great coffee - consistently across your entire team! 

Foundations is the introductory module, giving a broad snapshot of the coffee industry & cafe environment, providing new baristas the fundamentals for coffee service and elevating the existing skills & knowledge of more experienced staff. Advanced will follow in the new year, and takes these topics and skills to the next level - providing a path for developing more junior baristas and providing advanced baristas additional knowledge & skills.

The manuals will be distributed in hard-copy to all of our Wholesale Partners in the New Year, with Foundations available to you as a downloadable PDF below to use immediately to assist in supporting your coffee program.