Citrus Ginger from Pluck Teas


This spicy and citrusy ginger infusion features fresh citrus peel - saved, chopped and dried at a local cold press juice maker. Enjoy hot, pure and simple, or with a drizzle of honey. To make an all natural citrus ginger ale, steep two tea bags in half the amount of hot water (you want it strong!) and sweeten to taste. Chill, and dilute  with soda water. Spectacular with an orange slice as garnish. 

- 400 gram loose leaf

- case of 8x 35g loose leaf

- 1 bag of 60 satchels

- 1 bag of 30 satchels


Pluck Tea products may be subject to a delay of up to one week; to ensure freshness we keep a limited stock on hand. 

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