Genmaicha from Pluck Teas


This Sencha style steamed green tea is studded with popped and toasted rice kernels. Genmaicha was originally created as a 'worker's tea' in Japan, due to the high cost of tea leaves and therefore the addition of rice to keep the price down. Today, Genmaicha is regarded as an infinitely drinkable premium option for any time of day. Toasty, malty, umami, with a slightly sweet finish. Pairs well with savoury dishes and is a classic with grilled foods.  Enjoy hot, or over ice.

Sold as:

- 450 gram loose leaf

- bag of 60 satchels 

bag of 30 satchels

- case of 8x 35g loose leaf


4-5 g in each satchel - the perfect tea ratio for one cup. 

Pluck Tea products may be subject to a delay of up to one week; to ensure freshness we keep a limited stock on hand. 

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