• Get to Know Your Decaf

    Get to Know Your Decaf

    Ever wondered how decaf coffee becomes decaf? In this article we discuss the different processes, and why decaf is so much more drinkable than it used to be.
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  • World Tour: Italy

    World Tour: Italy

    While Ethiopia is widely recognized as the birthplace of coffee, Italy is where much of modern coffee culture as we know it began. As we wrap up our tour of global coffee traditions, we explore how this one country has influenced coffee consumption the world over, and is upholding its traditions in a changing world. Coffee first arrived in Venice, Italy in the late 1500s; not long after it had taken Turkey by storm. Arriving via trade with Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, coffee started out as a luxury item, consumed only by those who could afford...

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  • The Aeropress: the Swiss Army Knife of Coffee Brewing

    The Aeropress: the Swiss Army Knife of Coffee Brewing

    At first glance, the Aerobie Aeropress is innocuous and unassuming. Its wordmarks and primary measurements are embossed and gilded on the outside of the brewer. This, combined with its extremely forgiving recommended brew method, makes this brewer easy to dismiss in favour of more sleek, established and sometimes finicky brew methods. However, make no mistake - the Aeropress is a formidable piece of coffee kit, and your creativity is the only limiting factor in exploring its mysteries. A fun fact about the Aeropress - Alan Adler’s - the inventor - first big invention was the Aerobie Flying Ring. Look it...

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  • World Tour: Vietnam

    World Tour: Vietnam

    Our exploration of the global coffee community and traditions continues this week with a trip to Vietnam to check out another unique coffee tradition. On our journey we take a look at the emergence of coffee as a cultural phenomenon and how the Vietnamese have made this drink, truly their own. Introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th century, coffee has blossomed into both a cultural centrepiece and a highly traded commodity. Vietnam is currently the second largest producer of coffee, after Brazil, a result of a coffee boom that occurred in the 1980s and 90s. Vietnam’s coffee...

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  • How to Brew: Cold Brew

    How to Brew: Cold Brew

    The warm weather is coming and around here that means exactly one thing: cold brew! Long-time customers of ours will know we love our Propeller Cold Brew cans, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to brew a batch yourself, with whatever beans you’re psyched about at the time. Luckily, there are a host of devices out there designed to let you do just that. We’ve tested many of them over the years and our favourite at the moment is the Hario Mizudashi - a well-built, simple to use immersion brewer. Here’s our guide to making easy cold brew at...

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  • World Tour: Turkey

    World Tour: Turkey

    As we continue to look at how different cultures connect over coffee, this week, we’re highlighting another country with a proud and longstanding coffee tradition – Turkey! Coffee was introduced to Turkey in 1555 when it was brought to Istanbul by Syrian traders. Initially known as the “the milk of chess players and thinkers,” coffee quickly spread through much of Turkish society. Coffee became a drink central to political and social interaction, at home and in the countless coffeehouses which sprang up across the country.  Often considered the first of their kind worldwide, these coffeehouses became integral to Turkish social...

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